The Art of Stanko

The paintings of Stanko...

The paintings of Stanko are bold and eye-catching, and depict familiar images such as sunflowers, beach scenes and even grilled cheese sandwiches with bright fields of color outlined in black, demonstrating Stanko’s unmistakable "New American" style.

Stanko exudes joy, a sense of humor and a love of life which carries through into his work. “I paint what I like,” says Stanko, whose paintings have been exhibited both locally and nationally, and collected by people all over the country who have fallen in love with his easily accessible imagery. There is a simplicity present which is reminiscent of the way a child sees the world, a simplicity many of us lose as adults. Stanko takes this simplicity and uses a skillful brush to infuse it with an infectious joy.

Whatever subject he chooses to immortalize on canvas, whether it be rolling hills, flowering vines or a plate of food, it is all done in his signature style – the one that makes us smile and say "Stanko".

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To contact Stanko on info about a painting(s) , upcoming events or any questions, please e-mail Stanko at : mstankoart@gmail